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Iowa - Property and Casualty Insurance - Commercial Lines (6hrs CE)
This course is designed as a continuing education course related to commercial insurance. The c..
Iowa - Flood Insurance Concepts (CE)
This Continuing Education class - Intermediate level, is designed to provide the Insurance Agent wit..
Iowa - Health Insurance (CE)
This course offers an overview of the health insurance industry and the elements of traditional heal..
Iowa - Life Insurance
This course offers an overview of the life insurance industry and the elements of traditional life i..
Iowa - Post-Retirement Planning for Seniors (INSCE031)
Most retirees can expect to live well beyond age 65. Realistic financial planning assumes that our c..
Iowa - Ethics in the Insurance Industry (CE)
The course presents an explanation of Insurance Fraud, Regulatory Ethical Standards, Regulatory Stan..
Iowa - Hurricanes and their Impact on Insurance (CE)
This course is designed as a self-paced course done entirely online at your convenience. The co..
Iowa - Ethics & the Client (CE)
This course contains four sections: Introduction to Ethics, Unauthorized Entities, Unfair Trade Prac..
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