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Register for this brand new course now during its Introductory pricing!  This is the newly updated Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-Licensing course, that complies with the 2023 state-required syllabus.

  • The course is text-based (work at your own pace - no videos required). 
  • Take the course from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • The course is 100% online, including the final exam. 
  • 6-months access to the course, with up to three 1-month extensions available.
  • Your instructor answers questions online in forums, by email, via Moodle messaging, or by telephone.

This course is written in OLT's proven format of text-based lessons with frequent questions to ensure you are learning the material. All new videos, animations, key term glossaries, and learning objectives help prepare you for the material to come. Including a recap and a list of important points to know from the lessons and units remind you of what you've learned. Receive your certificate of completion (by email) within minutes of passing your final exam

Successfully passing this course will prepare you to take the Florida Real Estate Sales Associate state exam so that you can get a license to practice real estate. With your license, you can assist buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords in finding or selling homes and renting or managing homes. Whether you are planning this to be a full-time career or a part-time endeavor, having a real estate license will not only enhance your life but will enhance the lives of those you help to buy, sell, or rent homes. We will be here to help you along the way.

This course includes 19 units on topics required by the Florida Real Estate Commission and follows the required course syllabus. In addition to listing learning objectives, you will find a list of key terms in each unit that are important in the real estate business. Knowing these key terms will help you pass the state exam. Within each unit's lessons, to enhance your learning, you will find video shorts on topics to clarify points of interest or explain a difficult topic. We will also include practical examples to help you better understand the topic. Practice questions will be found after many of the topics to allow you to feel confident that you have grasped the information being presented.  We will include actual Florida statutes and administrative rule numbers allowing you to look up the actual laws or rules on the topic that you should be familiar with. Knowing these laws and rules is one key to passing the Florida state exam.  You will also find web links to important pages to allow you to research deeper into the subject material.

Each unit includes a summary listing the most important information within the unit, followed by a unit quiz that you must pass before you move on to the next unit. Each correct answer will include an explanation telling why it is the correct answer. To successfully pass the course, you must pass the Unit quizzes with an 80% or higher and the course final exam with a 70% or better score. If you don't pass the Final on the first attempt, one additional final exam will be available 30 days later. Once you pass, you will be given a certificate of completion. The next step is passing the State exam; a 75% or higher is required to pass the state exam.

You will find this course engaging and enlightening, and most importantly, you learn what you need to know to pass the Florida state exam to get your license so you can practice real estate and change your life forever. Good luck and enjoy your course!

Course Provider: OnLine Training, Inc.
Real Estate School Provider #: 008196
Real Estate School Permit #: ZH1002632
Course Approval #: 0027947

Optional Corresponding Manual

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law, by Linda L. Crawford, George Gaines, Jr., & David S. Coleman, current edition

Course Syllabus

Florida Sales Associate
Course Syllabus (FREC 1)

SECTION 1: Course Overview: The Real Estate Business

SECTION 2: Real Estate License Law and Qualifications for Licensure

SECTION 3: Real Estate License Law and Commission Rules

SECTION 4: Authorized Relationships, Duties and Disclosure

SECTION 5: Real Estate Brokerage Activities and Procedures

SECTION 6: Violations of License Law, Penalties and Procedures

SECTION 7: Federal and State Laws Pertaining To Real Estate

SECTION 8: Property Rights: Estates and Tenancies; Condominiums, Cooperatives, Community Development Districts, Homeowner Associations, And Time-Sharing

SECTION 9: Title, Deeds and Ownership Restrictions

SECTION 10: Legal Descriptions

SECTION 11: Real Estate Contracts

SECTION 12: Residential Mortgages

SECTION 13: Types of Mortgages and Sources of Financing

SECTION 14: Real Estate Related Computations and Closing of Transactions

SECTION 15: The Real Estate Markets and Analysis

SECTION 16: Real Estate Appraisal

SECTION 17: Real Estate Investments and Business Opportunity Brokerage

SECTION 18: Taxes Affecting Real Estate

SECTION 19: Planning and Zoning

Provider Info
Provider Name OnLine Training, Inc.
Provider # Real Estate School Provider #: 008196 Real Estate School Permit #: ZH1002632
Course Approval # 0027947
Course Info
Satisfies State Requirements Yes
Course Length 63 hour
Enrollment Length 6 months
Extension Availability Yes, a 30-day extension, for a $49.00 charge, may be requested a maximum of three times and should be requested BEFORE the course expires.
Author/Instructor Don Widmayer
Course Availability For use in applying for a Florida license.

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